Every woman should bear only one natural child [population problem]

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Every woman should bear only one natural child [population problem]

PostPostao/la kevinmanuel » Pet tra 20, 2018 5:15 pm

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There you go again Lance. Tripping over yourself to be negative about what I posted. But like fertility, your excessive production is also going down. Will it stablize by 2100? Only time will tell. Assuming trend lines will continue is what makes all such predictions wrong.
Darwin is dead, so I will carry his umbrage forward: how dare you think the urge to reproduce can be nipped by something as crude as wealth (and access to contraceptives). Gee....what interferes with that access to contraceptives? Religion? Where is the trend line on anti-contraceptive religions?
Scientifically, IF you recognize that conditional statements are only logical and may or may not be the truth or predictive, THEN you might not rest on the UN statistics as firmly as you do. What else is a gut hunch except a willingness to continue thinking?

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