Unbounded population and a solution to the worlds problems

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Unbounded population and a solution to the worlds problems

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The main problem that I see with humans is how easily we can reproduce. This, at one point, was an advantage. That was at the point that other creatures could compete with us for resources. As it is now, there is not a single other creature on the planet that can compete with us.
The problem is that we still act (as a whole) just like every other organsim on the planet. We collect as much resources as we possibly can, and we reproduce as much as we possibly can. Further, the only thing to prevent our reproduction is the death of our offspring due to a lack of resources. What is the logical conclusion of this situation? We will rape the planet off all of its resources through uncontrolled population and eventually cause the demise of most of the life on the planet, and perhaps even our own.Technology, while quite cool and nifty, is really the doom of the planet. Technology serves to increase the number of people that the planet can support by allowing for a more efficient and wide spread harvesting of resources, but it doesnt prevent the minimal amount of resources that each individual consumes (not that it would really matter if it did), nor does it prevent the number of offspring the worlds population has as a whole.What is the answer? You might beleive that from my post I would suggest that technological advance must be stopped. This could work. If we were to regress technology to the point that humans as a whole were not able to gather all of the worlds resources and our population would be checked by a lack of resources before the demise of the planet.However, I beleive there is a better solution that allows us to keep our technology, and not kill off the planet in the process. We must devise a way to cause all human offspring to be sterile. Then, through technology, when the people desire offspring they must undergo an treatment that will allow it to reproduce once. The number of times anyone can have a child will depend on their ability to productively raise the number of children they are trying to bring into the world. However, no person will be prevented from having at least one child.This will have the effect of preventing all unwanted pregnancies. It will also prevent the situation where people are bringing way to many children into the world either through ignorance or through malice.Without population control, no amount of conservation or recycling is worthwhile. All that it allows to happen is for a more efficient allocation of resources, which will just have the effect of allowing more people to be supported by the earth. Instead of people dying from the lack of resources, they will live and breed and the population will grow to the point at which you would be without the conservation and recycling anyway.

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