National Geographic Weather Station Issue

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National Geographic Weather Station Issue

PostPostao/la kevinmanuel » Pon ožu 19, 2018 12:51 pm Facebook Share

his may be the wrong place to ask this, and my apoligies if it is, but i just got a National Geographic Weather Station. I was using the bundled software (Easy Weather) but found it to be lacking. After reading a recomendation for the Cumulus Software, i downloaded that and it works wonderful. Except for one niggleing issue. When the unit is not connected to my computer, it doesnt log any data. So if i turn my laptop off over night, i cant see what occured!!!Has anyone used this setup before and if so, is there some silly setting i have missed to ensure it logs data when not connected to the laptop, or is it some setting in Cumulus to retrieve logged data??

please help

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