Amazing healing energy from the Bosnian pyramids now scientifically documented

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Amazing healing energy from the Bosnian pyramids now scientifically documented

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By: Dr. Sam Osmanagich Ph.D., Principal Investigator of the Bosnian Pyramid project

At the five International Scientific Conferences on the Bosnian Pyramids held in 2008, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014, experts have given interdisciplinary scientific explanations for the healing energy in the pyramid complex. Beneath the pyramid complex in Visoko, in the prehistoric tunnels was measured the constant presence of beneficial electromagnetism, as well as ultrasound of 28 kHz and the Schumann resonance of 7.83 Hz (the best energy field for the physical, mental and spiritual faculties of humankind), an extraordinarily high concentration of negative ions, up to 60,000 per cubic centimeter (ten times the concentration in, for example, the forest on mountains), and the absence of 1) harmful cosmic rays and 2) natural radioactivity. In these conditions, said the scientists, the cells of the human organism can start the self-healing process of regeneration. ... nergy.html

Don`t forget to download pdf file

Here are some benefits:

1. Increased lung capacity
2. Blood glucose level normalization
3. Blood pr
essure normalization
4. Improvement of the general condition of the body
5. Aura improvement
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