Softic: Not impossible that someone else forms parliamentary majority

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Softic: Not impossible that someone else forms parliamentary majority

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Softic: Not impossible that someone else forms parliamentary majority
The parliamentary majority in the Federation of BiH should be formed by the Party of Democratic Action (SDA), the Croatian Democratic Union of BiH (HDZ BiH) and the Democratic Front, but given how this process is developing in some cantonal assemblies, where for the (assembly) majority the participation of smaller parties is necessary, it is not impossible that the troika discussions about joining some of these "chaperones" at the federal level.

The troika already has 56 mandates, with at least 50 necessary for a majority.
Safet Softic, chair of the current mandate, shared these details on the eve of the constitutive session of the new session of the House of Representatives of FBiH, scheduled for 2 December in Sarajevo.

Not wishing to prejudge names, he announced interparty contacts in this session, when they should discuss candidates for new leadership of the House – a chair and two vice chairs.

Nor did Amir Zukic, one of the newly elected delegates and member of the SDA like Softic, wish to prejudge names or which party might be a possible associate member of the new parliamentary majority in the Federation.

Zukic only stresses that the new government should form in time and therefore he expects that on 2 December they should appoint new leadership in Parliament.

According to Softic, appointment of leadership in the House of Representatives is one of the announced agenda points, along with verification of mandates and swearing-in of newly elected delegates.

According to the Rules, Safet Softic will open the constitutive session, and he should lead it up until the election of new leadership.

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