Lajcak: New governments in BiH should form quickly

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Lajcak: New governments in BiH should form quickly

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Miroslav Lajcak, deputy prime minister of Slovakia and the country’s foreign and European affairs minister, told Fena in Sarajevo today that the new governments at the entity and state level must form quickly.

The former High Representative in BiH is staying in our country after the constitution of a new session of the BiH Presidency and wants to become acquainted with the process of forming the governments after the October elections.

In addition to his belief that the new governments should form quickly, he stresses that agreement should be based on resolving economic and social problems, creating a functional state, and fulfilling the obligations that BiH undertook aspiring for Euro-Atlantic integrations.

Lajcak considers that BiH now has a huge chance after, as he said, spending the last four years in political disputes. ... rm-quickly
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