Suljagic: First the Council of Ministers, then FBiH government

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Suljagic: First the Council of Ministers, then FBiH government

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Suljagic: First the Council of Ministers, then FBiH government

"The Democratic Front (DF) will not be part of any majority that will not first appoint a Council of Ministers of BiH, and then the Federation government," said Emir Suljagic, member of the DF Presidency.
"We remain committed to the Alliance for Change, and we will remain consistent with the fact that we are forming a government with them at the state level," said Suljagic, appearing on N1.

Commenting on the agreement signed by the leaders of the three parties – Bakir Izetbegovic (Party of Democratic Action), Dragan Covic (Croatian Democratic Union), and Zeljko Komsic (Democratic Front), Suljagic said that it was very good that "finally the possibilities that the peoples would become electoral units and there is a majority legitimacy within the peoples have been removed from the agenda."

To a reporter's question of whether the Federal parties signatory to this agreement are truly prepared to implement what they signed, Suljagic said that he "has no lie detector."

"If there is a will, some issues are very easy to implement, like cuts in public spending by placing an 18 month moratorium on further employment, reducing supplies, etc. If the people were honest. I underline, we in the DF will not be anyone's hostages, and we will very easily leave any government for which we determine that the signed agreement is not being respected," said DF Presidency member Emir Suljagic.

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