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Mystery Of The Bosnian Pyramids trailer many interesting testimonials from visitors, healing powers

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Produced by: FirsTakeFilms
Filmed,Directed, Edited by: Vinko Totic
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Mystery Of The Bosnian Pyramids is 90 mini feature doc depicting so far know facts and assumptions,detected energetic phenomena and spiritual meaning of these ancient structures. According to scientist Pyramids in Bosnia are the oldest, greatest and with longest underground network of tunnels on the planet and have potential to be discovery of our century. Forgotten history is a mystery.If we could remember what is forgotten humanity wouldn't be divided about revelation and so far proven facts of this magnificent structures. Do we have to divide again to remember who we are not or should we thrive to experience being alive and ultimately remember who we are or better say not. This movie together with this project might change perception of your world for ever. Vinko.