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The Bosnian Pyramid Complex: Signs of Technically Advanced Ice Age Civilization

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The Bosnian Pyramid Complex: Signs of Technically Advanced Ice Age Civilization

On September 1st I flew to Sarajevo to take part in the 2014 Hidden History Tour & Conference with Dr. Sam Osmanagich (August 31st to September 6th). I decided to go there after receiving an email from a friend who had just returned from a week long sojourn to the pyramid and tunnels. She was ecstatic about her experience and her enthusiasm infected me. I decided to contact the people there who were planning a week long conference and archaeological tour in Bosnia just two weeks hence. I was fortunate in that they were able to include me at that late date to present a lecture at their conference. I was added to the roster of speakers just before the conference began which is why my name is not listed in the above linked brochure.

I was totally amazed by what has been discovered there and of the immense volunteer effort to further excavate this site. As I stated at the press conference, held on the last day of the conference, I consider this to be one of the most important archaeological excavations going on at this time on our planet. These findings will one day completely transform our ideas about prehistoric civilization. You can view the press conference video here: It was shown on five stations in Bosnia to raise awareness about this important archaeological find. I am seated at the table second from the end on the right. I speak at about minute 36 -43 through the video. All views are interesting to hear. They are all intermittently translated into Bosnian by Dr. Sam Osmanagich, the fellow wearing the hat near the center of the press table.

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